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The #1 flooring estimator software platform

Buildxact, a cloud-based flooring cost estimator software is designed for the residential floor professional.

For operations of one or two operators to a small team, Buildxact offers a single flooring estimating and project management solution with all the features you need, and nothing you don’t.

Our flooring estimator and hardware floor cost estimator software centralizes all your needs from estimating, project management, and accounting on a single platform. Your job just got easier.

A simple, better way

But that’s not all – it’s very easy to use and get started. Buildxact saves you time and money with user-friendly interface and intuitive layout that allows you to get up and running quickly, so you can get back to the job.

Buildxact’s flooring estimator and hardwood floor cost estimator software works with Apple and PC operating systems. Work from anywhere — at the office, on the site, or in-person customer meetings — and from a desktop, tablet and mobile.

The benefits of Buildxact’s flooring cost estimator software

Top features of Buildxact’s flooring cost estimator software

All the features you need and nothing you don’t

Flooring takeoff

From the simple to the more complex flooring projects, simply upload a PDF of your total flooring surface area and and complete a takeoff online up to 80% faster.

Scale and measure your flooring surface area effortlessly in just a few clicks rather than manually, and price your flooring job in one step with local supplier pricing.

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Flooring cost estimator

Our flooring cost estimator software are created from pre-built templates and will include line items for labor and materials like carpet, padding, nail strips, wood or tile variety, sealant, grout, glue, waste, and more. Templates also allow you to reuse for the next project or make minor revisions.

Our material checklist included in the flooring estimator ensure nothing is missed.

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Quoting made easy

Create professional looking quotes 5x faster with our flooring cost estimator.

Bring your quotes to life by including material images like carpet, wood, and tile selections.

Amplify your RFQ process with suppliers and installers with quick and accurate quotes based on your estimate.

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Stress-free scheduling 

Keep track of your project and save time by creating a project schedule directly from your flooring estimate.

Track purchase orders with flooring dealers, distributors, and other suppliers.

Stay in touch with your installors, suppliers, and your team with automated email and text reminders from anywhere, anytime.

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Cost tracking

Track your costs from each project,and your bottom line, in real time from any device.

Keep track of multiple jobs in one dashboard.

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Our flooring estimator software allows you to create purchase and work orders and easily integrate with Xero and Quickbooks for easy invoicing.

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Covers everything you need including software, training, support, upgrades and maintenance.

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Compatible with iOS and Windows operating systems.

Have a few questions?

How can I do a takeoff for flooring?

Buildxact’s floor cost estimator software is really easly to use. To do a basic takeoff for flooring, you can use the SF measurement feature. 

Simply use one of the estimate templates available and select your unit of measurement. Watch the full video.

Do you have recipes/formulas for flooring?

We sure do. You can access a range of prebuilt recipes right in Buildxact.

For flooring, you can use recipes to covert SF to rolls or linear metre of floor covering.
Read more about recipes. 

What subscription should I start with?

To get started, we recommend the Entry subscription. This gives one user access to simple and fast estimating and unlimited quotes for $149 a month.

If you need more features, you can upgrade to Pro at any time.See full pricing. 

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