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The #1 home builder software platform

Buildxact, a cloud-based home building estimator software is uniquely designed for the residential builder and remodeler.

For operations of one or two operators to a small team, Buildxact offers a single home building software solution with all the features you need, and nothing you don’t.

Buildxact centralizes estimating, project management, and accounting on a single platform. Chosen and trusted by builders around the world just like you, it’s easy to use and quick to get started.

A simple, better way

The user-friendly interface and intuitive layout means you can get up and running easily, saving you time and money.  

Buildxact’s home building software is compatible with Apple and PC operating systems, so you can work from anywhere.

The benefits of Buildxact’s home building software

Buildxact’s home builder software features

All the features you need and nothing you don’t


Leave manual takeoffs behind. Upload a PDF of your plans and complete a takeoff up to 80% faster, online.

Scale and measure your plans easily in just a few clicks and price your job in one step including local supplier pricing.

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Use our home building cost estimator software to create your estimates from pre-built templates ,or build your own, and use it over and over again.

Use a templated material checklist to make sure nothing is missed.

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Create professional looking quotes 5x faster with our home builder software.

Quote quickly and accurately based on your estimate and speed up your RFQ process with suppliers and subcontractors.

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Keep track of your project and save time by creating project schedules directly from your home building estimate.

Stay in touch with your subcontractors, supplier, and your team with automated email and text reminders from anywhere, anytime.

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Cost tracking

Track your costs from each project, and your bottom line, in real time from any device and on one dashboard.

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Our home building cost estimator software allows you to create purchase and work orders and easily integrate with Xero and Quickbooks for easy invoicing.

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Cloud-based | 24-7 access | Mobile-friendly 

14-day free trial

Get access to all Buildxact’s features, no credit card required.

Monthly subscription –
From $149 a month 

Simple month-to-month pricing and unlimited quotes.

Covers everything you need including software, training, support, upgrades and maintenance.

Access from any device and cancel any time.
Compatible with iOS and Windows operating systems.

Have a few questions?

What’s the best way for a home builder to get started on Buildxact?

It’s super easy to get started! Simply create an estimate in Buildxact from a range of estimate templates.

For home builders, the best template to use is the single or double storey template, which covers everything you need for your build from prelims to landscaping. 

Can I sync my accounting software?

You sure can. Easily connect Buildxact’s home builder software with Xero and Quickbooks and do away with double entry, for faster and error-free processing of work orders and invoices. 

Download our step-by-step integration guides to get started. 

What subscription should I start with?

To get started, we recommend the Entry subscription. This gives one user access to simple and fast estimating and unlimited quotes for $149 a month.

If you need more features, you can upgrade to Pro at any time. See full pricing. 

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