3 places to see your order

Stay on top of the job and keep your site running smoothly by keeping up to date with the status of your orders. Buildxact has three places to quickly see your orders and get on with the job. 


Say goodbye to missing deliveries 

There’s nothing that grinds a job to a halt quite like a missing delivery. Eliminate wasted hours by making sure you have everything ready for your job’s next stage. See the status of all purchase orders from your job page when you select the purchase order‘ tab in Buildxact’s costings section.  


Avoid cost overruns 

Track your budget as your job unfolds to keep you in control and avoid cost overruns. On your job page simply click on ‘costings’ and then ‘actuals  to track your estimated quantities and costs against what was actually required to get the job done.   


See the big picture 

Keep on top of where all your orders are at. Get a quick update on the status of all orders by navigating to jobs, then ‘all orders.’ See what orders have been sent, received or partially received and rest easy knowing that you have what you need to get on with the job. 


Did you know you can also have multiple Buildxact tabs open at one time? Read more here.