3 ways to use Buildxact on your phone

When you’re out and about you can use Buildxact on your phone or tablet to add photos and notes, check deliveries as they arrive, update your schedule and much more. Check it out. 


Get it done in real time – snap photos and add notes  

Take photos on site and save them directly to the job. You can even add notesGet it done in real time so you don’t have to worry about it later.   


Never lose an order again – check your inventory against your purchase orders 

Raise and receive purchase orders directly on your phone or tablet. This makes it easier to check deliveries against purchase orders to keep your site running smoothly. No more incorrect deliveries or chasing down suppliers. 


Get ahead of the pack – update your schedule on site 

There’s no better place to track your job’s progress than on site. Stay on top of the job and keep things running smoothly by checking your job milestones and scheduled trades quickly and easily. See what’s happening then update your schedule on the fly rather than back at the office. 


How to add the Buildxact shortcut to your home screen 

No need to install an app from the App Store; take 30 seconds to add the Buildxact shortcut to your phone or tablet’s home screen.  Set it up now. 


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