Become a true multi-tasker in Buildxact

You always have more than one task going at the same time, so why not use Buildxact the same way? Improve your efficiency by using this Power Tip and use multiple Buildxact tabs at the same time.  

 Get it done quickly by switching between screens 

You may want the price list tab open while you create an estimate, or your purchase orders page open while looking at your schedule. Improve your efficiency by using multiple tabs at the same time so you can switch between them to get what you need done.  

 Never lose your data inputs again 

Avoid lost data by opening your next page in a new tab. The data on your first page will be kept safe while you view your second page. Go back to your first page and finalise your information when you’re ready, knowing that nothing has been lost.  

 How to open a page in a new tab 

On a computer, you can open your next page in a new tab by simply right clicking on where you would like to navigate to and choosing the ‘open in new tab’ option from the drop-down menu. This will open the new page as a new internet tab and allow you to switch between pages. On a mobile device simply hold your finger on the link you would like to navigate to and the option to ‘open in new tab’ will appear. 

For more tips on how to use Buildxact on your phone read Buildxact tip – 3 ways to use Buildxact on your phone.