Managing your Quote Requests – Easy!

Simplify your Quote Requests
Getting quotes from your contractors and suppliers is one of those time-consuming tasks; sending it out, finding out where the responses are at, following up. You’ve got better things to do.

Enter RFQ … Buildxact allows your suppliers and contractors to enter their price and submit a quote all online. We then keep your quotes in one place – making it easy to choose the best one.

Update all the estimates with one simple click 

Once all your quotes have been submitted, you choose the winning Supplier/Contractor and with just one click all the estimate prices are updated against the relevant item/s.

Save time and keep track of your costings
Buildxact keeps quotes attached to the relevant items in the estimate which helps you track your costings. Streamlining your quotes saves time and eliminates confusion by allowing you to request quotes from multiple Suppliers/Contractors through one simple transaction.

For more information about our Quote Request function, visit our FAQs, or take a look at this instructional video: