Must-know tip for doing on-screen takeoffs

It’s easy to make mistakes when you fly through your on-screen takeoffsWith Buildxact you can fix your last measurement quickly and move onto more important things. 


From plaster to roofing, nail your takeoff  

Once you’ve scaled your plans it’s time to get down to business. Whether it’s measuring plaster, brickwork or roofing, it’s important you are precise with the takeoff tool so Buildxact can accurately measure and estimate your job’s costs. 


How to use the escape button to delete your last measurement  

It’s easy to make a mistake with the drawing tool, but it’s even easier to fix it. Maybe you‘ve over measured the wall or under measured the roof space while making your last measurement. Rather than using the ‘undo’ button to delete the entire drawing or the trash can icon to delete all drawings, simply press your keyboard’s ‘escape’ key to undo your last measurement.  


Bonus tip – how to best scale your plans before doing a takeoff 

Before you scale your plans In BuildxactIt’s really important to first get them readyfor scaling, especially if you have multiple pages. Watch our video to see how to get your plans ready for scaling. 


For more help see our video tutorials.