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In addition to our extensive video workshops, knowledge base and frequently asked questions, we offer all new subscribers unlimited access to our daily training webinars and a free 1:1 consultation to get you up and running.

Step 1: Online, Interactive Webinars

One hour interactive webinars to get you up and running in no time. 

The Getting started with Buildxact webinar will help you:

    • Set up your account
    • Create your first lead, estimate and job in Buildxact
    • Load plans and create your first takeoff

Upon completion of the Getting Started webinar, the following webinars will be available:

    • Estimating with Buildxact
    • Managing your jobs with Buildxact
    • Communicating with Clients, Trades, and Suppliers
    • Integrating with other platforms
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Step 2: 1:1 Business Consultation (Optional)

Finished the webinars but still have more quetions? Need help to get set up?

The optional 1:1 business consultation session allows you to ask any follow-up questions from the online webinars, and to make sure Buildxact is set up precisely right for your business. The session runs for one hour.

Contact our Customer Success team to discuss booking your Business Consultation.


If you need further help or have any questions at all about Buildxact, please get in touch by clicking here.