“When I’m quoting with Buildxact, I’m not there sitting there with papers and rulers. That’s because all my takeoffs are online.”

Phillip Zounis, Brisbane


Easy to get started and easy to use

Get on top of jobs
Be confident of job progress and get a clear understanding of income and outgoings with the smart financial dashboard within our management software.
Coordinate your trades with easy, automated email and SMS scheduling to send reminders of due tasks.
Access Buildxact from anywhere; on site, in the office, at home, or on the road. It’s the most convenient, easy-to-use software for builders on the go.
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“What I love about the job management features is I’m able to view my costings and able to see how I’m progressing.”

Phillip Zounis, Brisbane

“Because Buildxact is in the cloud, I can access it wherever I am. So when I’m onsite I can just pull out my phone and check my job schedules or my orders and systems.”

Phillip Zounis, Brisbane

“Buildxact has given me back my time to spend with my family”

Phillip Zounis, Brisbane

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